Best Answer: How Much Does Microdermabrasion Cost?

As I was reviewing consumer microdermabrasion machines recently, it occurred to me that they are remarkably wonderful devices potentially saving so much money. Being so impressed with this new, at-home do-it-yourself “spa” treatment, it occurred to me that if more women and even men, were aware of the technology behind microdermabrasion machines, certainly more people would invest in them for their own homes as well as their own pocketbooks.

All of this, of course, assumes that you’re of a mind to take good care of your skin in the first place and that you well realize that you know how to exfoliate skin with microdemabrasion. Or that that’s how it’s done to begin with.


In any event, I started doing a bit of research on the spa treatment costs of getting microdermabrasion treatments in actual spas. In summary, the costs ranged roughly between $80 and $200 depending on the geographic location of the spas. Then I researched the recommended number of times one should reasonably have a microdermabrasion treatment. Initial recommendations from the spas themselves ranged from around 4-6 consecutive treatments at once a week (that’s 4-6 treatments at once a week). Even at the lowest cost of $80, (if you follow that 4-6 treatments suggestion with the least amount of 4 treatments), the total cost would be $320 for just 4 consecutive microdermabrasion treatments. WOW.

In general, the recommendations for the number of necessary treatments and length of those treatments will clearly vary depending on the current quality of your own skin, its sensitivity, etc. A broad recommendation then is that microdermabrasion can be done as often as weekly or up to maybe having a treatment every two months depending on your own need and tolerance for this kind of treatment.

From the research I’ve done, the most common scenario seems that many women start out with a series of treatments that map to their immediate need and current state of their skin followed by a monthly regimen for maintenance. If you’re looking to see significant positive changes in your skin, just remember that results are cumulative and it’s not uncommon for anywhere from four to 12 initial treatments to be advised.

If you have sensitive skin however, you might want to wait a full two weeks in between treatments as it generally takes that length of time for new skin cells to rise to the surface of the skin. Also remember that our human skin, generally speaking, only regenerates itself at monthly intervals.

Also, it’s important to realize that the results from microdermabrasion are only temporary and hence, the need for at least monthly maintenance treatments.


From all this information then, let’s extrapolate out how much it would cost for an initial microdermabrasion series (to get your face truly exfoliated) of four treatments followed by monthly maintenance treatments. And then let’s say that you do all four of the initial sessions in the first month leaving 11 months of the year requiring one microdermabrasion treatment per month. That’s a total of fifteen (15) microdermabrasion sessions a year at the staggering cost of $1,200 (at the $80 a treatment price)!!!

Doing this simple calculation let’s us know rather quickly that if we purchase an at-home microdermabrasion machine for the reasonable price of $200, we’ll save ourselves a whopping $1000! Or, we could purchase six $200 microdermabrasion machines and still save ourselves massive amounts in saved spa travel time.

I can’t make a better argument than that for purchasing your own at-home microdermabrasion machine. So, potentially, and to answer the initial question of how much does microdermabrasion cost, the answer is: relatively little if you’re smart and take it into your own house and your own hands.




Product Review: Dermanew: Is It Really That Good?

This excellent product is offered for both normal and sensitive skin because it is said to gently resurface the skin, refining fine wrinkles and lines, reducing large pores and addressing sun damage. At a reasonable price (rougly $60) with a lot of excellent Amazon customer reviews on, this product is hard to beat. Is it really that good? Well, yes, given it’s effectiveness in doing its’ job well, being small and portable and extremely well priced (within almost anyone’s budget), Dermanew, stands out amongst the crowd especially if you travel and need the convenience this device affords.

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Resurfacing one’s face can mean several things in different degrees. Generally speaking though, “resurfacing” means affecting the texture and smoothness of the skin. Since our facial pores tend to get clogged (especially we ladies that wear makeup), it’s essential to properly clean our faces with a system like the Dermanew especially as we age and our own bodies don’t clean or slough off old dead skin cells like they used to when we were younger. Maintenance of our skin, especially our facial skin becomes top priority after we pass our forties.

It’s just not that hard these days to completely change the look and feel of your skin. If you’ve ever had any kind of facial, especially in a spa, you usually can’t help but notice the difference in the quality of your skin afterwards. Even with facials that I didn’t especially like, I could always feel the renewed softness of my skin due to the pore cleansing. All my facials left me with at least softer, glowing skin.

One of the hardest things about aging is facing the fact that we simply must learn to take the time for maintenance of both our faces and our bodies. Our skin changes over time as it subtly looses its ability to slough off dead skin cells on its own.

With a microdermabrasion system like Dermanew (or most others for that matter) it’s important to remember that improvement is gradual and often cumulative and don’t expect miracle changes in your skin after the first treatment. Depending on how long you’ve gone without addressing your own dry skin, it can take some time to see the complete results that you’re looking for. So set your own expectations accordingly. The manufacturer of this product though claims that every time you give yourself a treatment, you should witness progressively greater reduction in those nasty little lines/wrinkles with you being left with vibrant and fresh looking skin.

One of the things that typically results from a microdermabrasion is newly tightened skin due to not only the cleansing of pores that occurs but also from the added circulation that a home spa treatment can provide.

At-home spa facial skin treatment with Dermanew

We are so lucky to now be able to give ourselves our own at-home spa treatments at a fraction of the cost not to mention the convenience of treating our skin in the privacy and comfort of our own homes

Product Description: This system includes a battery operated application device (batteries included) some sponge tops for the tip and the proprietary crystal dermabrasion cream as well.

With an overall four star rating and lots of customer reviews (45) on Amazon along with the low price tag, the Dermanew Facial Rejuvenation System appears to be a favorite for good reason.



A Good Face Scrubber Can Be A Powerful Ally For Anti Aging

Do it yourself home spa treatments (using a face scrubber, for example) have become extremely popular in the past decade for a variety of reasons. One of the most obvious of those is the savings potential. Often for the cost of one treatment at an actual spa, one can simply purchase their own device, administer the treatment themselves and then have and own the device for future treatments. Obviously, one can potentially save themselves thousands of dollars, obtain results similar to those gotten from a spa and have the added benefit of being able to “schedule” the treatment in their own homes at their own convenience. Convenience, savings and saved time (from not having to travel to a spa). What could be better than that?

All of that makes getting regular facial cleansing far more compelling than it was in the past. With these hard-to-avoid and sensible characteristics of at home facial cleansing though, one is left with the question of which of the many available products to purchase.


Initially, you will need to decide (when trying to determine the face scrubber best suited for your own needs) is what level of facial cleansing are you looking for? Do you want to use a daily facial cleansing brush or would you prefer to use a face scrubber machine for microdermabrasion? How are you going to get your best face scrub? How do you know the difference between the two?

Well, this can be confusing for a lot of people since, at first take, both facial cleansing brushes and microdermabrasion machines would appear to do the same things and of course, the face brush will always be much less expensive. On closer examination though, these two devices are quite different. While it’s true that both devices help clear away dead skin cells, they do it on different levels.

Yes, both devices are geared toward scrubbing away dead skin cells. A facial cleansing brush however, does this only to the top layer of the skin and can be used on a daily basis. Microdermabrasion machines, on the other hand, dig deeper into the pores of the skin to remove greater amounts of accumulated debris and are used less frequently. Additionally, microdermabrasion machines also can use suction (much like vacuuming) the skin to ensure that all those dead skin cells are adequately removed from the skin. Hence, the greater expense for those devices.

If you’d like to substantiate that, it’s a simple matter to scrub your own face with a facial cleansing brush everyday and then go to a spa and get youself even the light microdermabrasion facial. The difference can be truly astounding with the microdermabrasion winning hands down for producing smooth and glowing skin. You will likely look years younger and feel good about finally learning how to exfoliate your own skin. At the very least, you should see a considerable improvement in the quality of your facial skin. Seriously, do this small test to help you decide which of the two options for a face scrubber is the real award winner. You’re in for a lovely surprise.

Crystalift: A Four Star Microdermabrasion Machine

If you’re looking for an alternative machine to the popular Nubrilliance Microdermabasion Machine, Crystalift, with its potent suction, just may be a brand name that appeals to you.

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Crystalift Microdermabrasion Machine

Another popular microdermabrasion product that teaches you how to get smooth skin and deeply exfoliate your face, Crystalift has some of its own unique features.

An unfortunate result of aging is that our skin starts failing to do the sloughing off of old, dead skin cells that it did when we were younger. Our facial skin in particular reflects not only any specific damage that we may have incurred in our lives but also reflects these declines of aging.

Microdermabrasion addresses that problem but there are differences in the type of brand name that you might choose. The characteristics that many microdermabrasion systems or machines share are as follows:

Provides deep pore exfoliation and pore debris removal. Helps reduce pore size and age spot appearance and combats wrinkle formation and helps to smooth out those wrinkles that already exist. Some reviewers of this product also attest to reduction of acne scar visibility as well as evening out of skin discoloration.

The manufacturer of the Crystalift suggests that a simple ten minute treatment once a week will result in not only effective dead cell removal, but smoother, more beautifully textured skin as well. With regular use, improvements in overall skin texture and appearance increase as well.

There are considerable savings involved in having your own in-house spa treatment system available to use at your convenience and in your own timeframe.


This machine removes the debris from your skin by using a powerful spa-like suction that can be controlled with a simple turn of the dial. Just start out with a lower setting and gradually increase it as your needs dictate.

This product also comes with its own proprietary crystal exfoliating product and while the manufacturer includes enough for four treatments, most reviewers state that eight treatments can easily be obtained from this initial supply.

They also state that no other exfoliating product should be used with the machine. While this is an advantage to this system over some others, it also is an added, recurring expense to purchase the replacement crystals at roughly $10.

Given the overall high quality and enthusiastic reviews and high rating of this product, the added monthly expense for replacement crystals for the Crystalift may well be warranted.



Nubrilliance Microdermabrasion System

Nubrilliance Microdermabrasion System

Nubrilliance Microdermabrasion System

The Nubrilliance Microdermabasion System  Best Online Pricing

If you’re looking for information about one of the most popular at-home microdermabrasion systems, you’ll find that information here

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As one of the most popular microdermabrasion machines, the Nubrilliance Microdermabrasion System is considered a dual action machine that combines both diamond peel, non abrasive skin exfoliation with gentle vacuum technology. What exactly does that mean? Well, as we age, exfoliation becomes more necessary to compensate for the decline of our youthful skin shedding. As a result, exfoliation is essential to having fresh and young looking skin. Without shedding our dead skin cells, our skin can end up looking dry and “dusty”. The gentle exfoliation that’s performed using the Nubrilliance Microdermabasion System essentially addresses those issues by removing old, dead skin allowing the new skin underneath to emerge and provides fresh, new skin cells to the surface of our skin.

Not only does the Nubrilliance System provide the necessary exfoliation, but its gentle vacuuming of our skin helps to ensure the complete removal of those old, dead skin cells. Suction or vacuuming is a very effective way to ensure dead skin cell removal. Also, stimulating our skin in any way also increases circulation, which also declines as we grow older. Anything like this system (that helps to reduce or minimize acne scars and age spots) can be a most welcome addition to your at-home, anti aging arsenal.

A microdermabrasion machine can improve the texture, the smoothness of our skin, and is an important factor in the overall appearance of the skin on our faces and bodies. Large pores that tend to increase with age, can be unattractive and are often the result of improper skin cleansing. Pores that have been cleaned out of debris contribute to beautiful and smooth-looking skin as well.

Finally, microdermabrasion improves the elasticity of the skin and we know that collagen and elastin (the factors responsible for our skin’s elasticity) decline with aging. Elasticity simply has to do with the resilience and tightness of our skin. Having tight skin is what makes our faces appear young and fresh. And the subtleness of our skin is a strong characteristic of how our overall skin appears outwardly.

Characteristics of the Nubrilliance Microdermabrasion System

The Nubrilliance Microdermabrasion System measures roughly 12 x 12 x 6, weighing a light three and one half pounds for easy transport to any room in your house. This device comes with different grade tips for use on different parts of the body. The tips are precision, fine and regular and can be used in this manner: the fine diamond tip is useful on both faces and necks while the regular tip can be used equally as well on both the arms and hands. An additional special tip can also be purchased individually for plumping of the lips. To use the device, one simply needs to easily set the suction control dial anywhere between one and five depending on your choice of cleansing intensity.

Nubrilliance Microdermabrasion System Reviews

There are many reviews of this product on Amazon and to summarize, they are quite positive with one exception. The biggest complaint about this machine is that the suction can suddenly stop working. In going thru the reviews however, it appears that there’s a small rubber band that fits into one of the grooves of the wand that can inadvertently pop off. Fix that, and users rave about the effectiveness of this device. Another reviewer suggested that all one needs to do to correct any sudden loss of suction is to simply clean out the old skin cells that get lodged between the casing and the tip of the Nubrilliance Microdermabrasion System.